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Top 23 Nail Polishes

I have had some trouble in staying away from stores that sell nail polish lately. I store my nail polishes in my closet so that they are protected from the light but the trouble with that is that I don’t see them. I decided it would perhaps be good to bring out some of my favorite polishes so that it would be a reminder for me that I already have some awesome polishes and for that reason don’t have to buy new ones. Since I picked out my favorite polishes, I might as well show them to you guys :) I have to warn you, though, the pictures don’t do the polishes ANY justice, they are MUCH more beautiful in real life!

Most of these polishes are no longer available so when I finish a bottle, I won’t be able to repurchase it. But I think it will ok, since there will always come new favorites!

IMG_0260 pieniLet’s start with the purples and one blue. The blue polish is OPI’s Kiss Me at Midnight and I think it was a part of some limited edition collection. It’s a textured polish which was a trend a while ago and amazingly enough I haven’t grown tired of the trend yet. Textured polishes dry matte but that’s easily fixable with top coat. Kiss Me at Midnight is my one and only true blue shade left in my collection, aside from a few denim blues. For some reason I don’t really care for blue nail polish but this OPI one has a lot of silver glitter in it which is probably why I like it despite it being blue. It’s been a while since I wore this polish but I try to remedy that situation this year.

Isadora’s Cotton Candy is also a textured polish and it’s a lovely shade of purple. An awesome color to wear in the spring and summer, a season that for me usually starts around this time of year :D

Maybelline’s Viva Blue Violet is a color that I was surprised to find I love it so much. It looks like a color I wouldn’t like because I don’t normally go for colors this dark, but I love this shade! Now, why did I buy it in the first place if it doesn’t look like a color for me? Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I was in an experimental mood that day.

Essie’s Lilacism is also a lovely shade for spring and summer. This was the second Essie polish I ever bought and I admit I bought it because so many people liked it. It wasn’t love at first sight with Lilacism. At first I didn’t like it because it has a very small and narrow brush and it was difficult for me to paint my nails with it. Also I didn’t like the shade for some reason. I guess my preferences in nail polish shades have changed and I have learned how to apply it properly because I love this shade now!

The last (but certainly not the least) polish in the picture is Sally Hansen’s Be-Jeweled. This is also a  somewhat textured polish but it came out before textured polishes were all the rage. It is also a shade of purple that I really like.

IMG_0267 pieniMoving on to corals. All of them except the OPI polish look pink in the picture but trust me, they’re coral! OPI’s Aloha from OPI is one of the few shades I love both on my fingers and on my toes. For some reason, not all of the shades I love on my fingers work on my toes.  Aloha from OPI is perhaps not a coral, it’s a bright red-orange and I like it.

The bottle next to the OPI is one of H & M’s new polishes in Gumdrops. Perhaps I shouldn’t include it in my favorites yet because I have only worn it once and it was my toes, but it’s here because I really liked it when it was on my toes. This is not an opaque polish which I don’t normally like but this was lovely. On my swatch wheels I put it over white and it looked good that way too. I need to try this on my fingers asap!

The black topped H & M polish is Check Me Out and I think at some point last year I said I was going to get rid of this one. Well, as you can see, I couldn’t do it! Perhaps I do have many colors like this in my collection – reddish corals – but I love them so! Again a great color for both fingers and toes.

Essie’s Sunday Funday and Chanel’s Distraction are very similar in color but they’re also very different. Sunday Funday has silver sparkles to it and Distraction has a purple sheen to it. You see, VERY different!

IMG_0268 pieniThis is a miscellaneous group. Golden Rose 120 is a slightly holographic pink polish. Surprisingly, pink isn’t my favorite color to wear on my finger nails. But there’s something about this Golden Rose polish that I really love. It’s not the holographic aspect of it alone, the color is nice too.  P2′s Rich & Royal is a lovely mud shade, which is again a surprise favorite. I am wearing it right now and loving every second of it! OPI’s Magazine Cover Mouse is another textured polish, this is a shade of red I really like and it’s showing pretty true to color in the picture. Essie’s A Crewed Interest is a lovely neutral shade which I haven’t found a dupe for. Nevertheless, I will probably try to use this up this year. Essie’s Fiji looks white in the picture but it is a white with pink mixed into it.

IMG_0265 pieniWith these I had to put a white paper underneath so that the colors would show up truer. Colors like these are always difficult to photograph accurately. Starting at the bottom of the picture, we have Picture Polish Enchanting which is an emerald green glitter polish, the glitter is very fine, though which makes it unique. When I ordered this online I thought I was getting something like it looks like in this picture but it is actually a lot darker. I do like it even though it wasn’t what I expected.

Moving along clockwise, we have Orly’s Mermaid Tale which is a green and turquoise glitter top coat. Next to it is my one and only Sinful Colors nail polish in Nail Junkie. This is very sheer on its own but I like to put it on top of other colors. Essence’s Glorious Aquarius is very similar to Mermaid Tale, but there’s blue instead of green glitter.

Essie’s Naughty Nautical I have only worn once so this again should probably not be here but just looking at the bottle makes me happy, so that’s why I have included it. I desperately need to wear this polish this year!

China Glaze’s Turned up Turquoise I have worn several times even though I have not owned it for very many months yet. If I had to pick my number one nail polish of 2015 it would be this! I loved it last year even though I didn’t get it until the beginning of October. I was excited to bump into this at an H & M store in Stockholm but I’m even more excited to own this gorgeous nail polish! Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture its beauty in the picture so you’re going to have to google images of it to know what it looks like in real life. It is definitely turquoise as the name suggests and not blue as it looks like in the picture.

Rimmel’s District-ly Come Dancing is a polish I coveted for a while before I allowed myself to buy it. Admittedly, I have many polishes like this in my collection (which was the reason why I didn’t allow myself to buy it). When I saw it was 50% off at Prisma one time I couldn’t help myself! If a polish makes me happy I’m not getting rid of it even if I have other polishes like it!

Last but not the least, is Essie’s Ruffles & Feathers. This is a polish I ordered online and you never know exactly what a polish will be like when you don’t get to see it before but this ended up being just what I hoped it would be.

So that was it, my favorite nail polishes as of January 2016! You may have noticed that I’m not the greatest when it comes to describing colors so I have left describing them to a minimum. If you are interested in a particular color you can always google images of it :)

This post was rather lengthy, AGAIN! But it’s hard to keep it short when talking about nail polish :D