Project Update: February 2017

Yet another month has passed and it’s time to show the results!

This month went a lot better when it comes to buying new polish. I didn’t buy any new ones this month! I only had one temptation during this month but with the help of a friend I managed not to buy it.

Project number one moved along slowly. I used three of the polishes in the main project and managed to use up one of them. Here is the progress in picture format:

L'oreal Confettis, OPI Say Hello Kitty, Make up Store Asun, Mavala Candy Apple

L’oreal Confettis, OPI Say Hello Kitty, Make up Store Asun, Mavala Candy Apple

I used L’oreal Confettis once this month and I hope to finish it next month. It’s difficult to see where the polish is now but it is about one millimeter under the black line. Say Hello Kitty by OPI replaced Look at My Bow! from the same company that I used up last month. The bottle was almost full when I added it into the project and you can see where the polish is now.

I’m happy that I used Make up Store Asun twice this month and thus finally made some progress on it, it is definitely possible to use up withing the next few months. Mavala Candy Apple is the one I used up this month; it was fun using this up because it’s a polish I really like. I did many jelly manicures¬† using this with OPI Say Hello Kitty and Make up Store Asun.

For next month I plan on focusing on the three other polishes in the picture that I didn’t finish this month. It would be great to use up all of them but I’m not certain if that will be possible.

Project number two consists of last year’s toenail polishes and I used one of them on my fingers this month. I haven’t concentrated too much on this project because there aren’t that many on the list.

Bourjois Turquoise Block
Chanel April
Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop
Depend 393
Essie Cute as a Button
H&M Gumdrops
H&M Coral Road
OPI 5 Apples Tall
OPI Small + Cute = <3
OPI Spoken from the Heart
OPI Super Cute in Pink
Picture Polish Enchanting
Rimmel Cocktail Passion

Project number three consists of polishes I bought last year but only used once. I didn’t use any of these last month, so no progress here.

Bourjois Turquoise Block
Depend 393
Depend 481
Essence Pink Parrot
Essence Play with My Mint
Essie Take Me to Thread
Mavala Freesia
Natural Code by Lumene Rebel Royal
OPI Spoken from the Heart
OPI 5 Apples Tall
OPI Super Cute in Pink
OPI Small + Cute = <3
OPI Say Hello Kitty
Sally Hansen Giant Peach
Sally Hansen Combustealble
Sensinity 91

In addition, I used all three of the polishes that I use once per month, they are OPI Magazine Cover Mouse, OPI Kiss Me at Midnight and Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop. Also, I used up one sticker sheet this month.

I will continue my no buy in March, except on my trip abroad. I will allow myself to buy something while traveling if I see something nice, but it has to be something I don’t already have in my collection.

That’s all this time!

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