Polish I bought in January

This post will be a little contrary to what I’d like my blog to be, but I got a request to show the polish I bought in January. Naturally I like to do what the readers would like to see, so here we go!

The first picture shows the polishes I bought first as well as a new frankenpolish I made.

Depend 485, Depend 482, Picture Polish Eyre, Isadora Pink Syrup, Frank Strawberry Milk

Depend 485, Depend 482, Picture Polish Eyre, Isadora Pink Syrup, Frank Strawberry Milk

Depend 485 and 482 as well as Picture Polish Eyre were polishes I came across during my no buy at the end of last year, and since I still wanted them at the beginning of this year, I bought them. Depend 485, the first on the left in the picture, is a dupe to OPI’s Show Us Your Tips from the New Orleans collection. I was interested in the polish but wasn’t sure if I was going to like it on my nails. I didn’t want to spend that money on another OPI that potentially gets decluttered later. So when I learned that Depend 485 is an exact dupe for it I had to get it. I have already worn it and I love it :)

I was looking for a Zoya polish to add to my collection because I’d like to try another color from them. The polish that was different from what I already have and that would be something I like was Aster. But then I randomly came across Depend 482 which looks exactly like Aster so I decided to get the cheaper and smaller bottle instead. I haven’t had a chance to wear this yet, I think it is a more spring time shade.

Picture Polish Eyre came to my collection when I ordered some fast drying top coats from a website. This was also something that I had looked at at the end of last year but couldn’t get until January. I already wore this one and I like it.

After getting these three polishes I thought it would be a good time to start the challenge that I had planned for this year, namely to buy a polish only after I had used one up. But then I saw some jelly polishes in a clearance bin at a store and simply had to buy some! Luckily I was able to limit myself to only buying one and that was Isadora Pink Syrup. After buying this polish I decided to add Mavala Candy Apple to the project because the polishes are very similar. I haven’t worn Pink Syrup yet because I have concentrated on Candy Apple.

Last year I noticed that my bottle of Essie Fiji doesn’t look the way it did when I bought it. It had lost its pinkness and looked just an off-white color. When I was using up OPI’s Look at My Bow! I decided to put the last drops of the OPI into the Essie bottle to make it pink again. It was also a way to use up Look at My Bow! because it was difficult to get the last drops out of the bottle with the brush. I decided to call this new polish Strawberry Milk because that’s what it looks like. I haven’t had a chance to wear this one yet.

The next four polishes were bought during one weekend when I went a little crazy. But as with the previous ones I have excuses for these, too!

Sally Hansen Beatnik, Catrice Summer Nights' Sky, Chanel Mediterranée, Essie Naughty Nautical

Sally Hansen Beatnik, Catrice Summer Nights’ Sky, Chanel MediterranĂ©e, Essie Naughty Nautical

Sally Hansen Beatnik I haven’t worn yet but I really hope it will be a lovely purple shade. In a lot of pictures it looks blue, so maybe this is again one of those bluish purples, but it seems to be something I really like.

I was so amazed to see Catrice nail polishes in one store here in Finland that just had to buy one from them! They are not expensive and they happened to have a color in their collection that I didn’t already have, so I picked Summer Nights’ Sky. I put this on as soon as I got home and I like it a lot! It looks somewhat darker on the nails than in the bottle, because in the bottle you can see silver shimmer that doesn’t come across on the nail. But it’s still a lovely polish.

I was wearing Depend 255 on my nails when I came across this Chanel nail polish in MediterranĂ©e on clearance that weekend. It’s not exactly the same as Depend 255 is (or was, since I used it up) a matte shade and the Chanel polish is not. Also the shade is a little different. But nevertheless the Chanel polish is a good replacement for the Depend polish. Also, you simply cannot pass up an opportunity to buy a Chanel nail polish when it only costs 9 euros!

The last polish to mention here is a back-up for my Essie Naughty Nautical. I saw all of the Naughty Nauticals in a clearance bin at a store and also saw that they were not included in the permanent collection anymore. This lead me to think that they were discontinuing it so I had to buy a back-up for one of my favorite polishes. When I got home, I noticed that the two Naughty Nauticals look different, the newer one is darker than the one I already had. This leads me to think that Essie polishes don’t hold their color very well in storage because I’ve had this happen to a lot of my Essie polishes. I may have to think if it is worth it to buy Essies in the future.

I also bought a bigger bottle of OPI Say Hello Kitty! in January, but it is not shown here because it is a birthday present to myself. It will be added to my collection tomorrow :)

All this buying of polish caused me a lot of stress and anxiety, not because they were bad purchases – on the contrary, I love them! – but because of the amount of polish I now have. I now own over 100 polishes again and I don’t like it. So, in February I won’t be buying any new polishes and I will probably also look through my collection if there is something I can live without.

So this was everything for now, until next time!


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