Plans and projects for 2017

Last year was successful when it comes to the amount of polishes I used up. However, it would have been better if I didn’t buy as many as I bought. This year I’m going to limit my buying by allowing myself to buy a polish only after one has been used up. Having said that, I have already bought polishes this year even though I have used up none. At first, I wanted to sort of reward myself for doing so well in not buying anything in the last months of the year, and allowed myself to buy a few, keeping in mind that 99 polishes is the absolute highest number of polishes I will allow my collection to have. Since I’ve gotten the number below 100 I don’t want to cross that line again.

After buying three polishes I thought it would be a good time to start the “use one up, get one” but conveniently forgot this when looking at the clearance bin at a store yesterday. I also ordered one online and I think I will call it a birthday present to myself even though my birthday won’t be until mid-February. From this day forward, I will only buy a polish after I’ve used up one, and this decision will stick! (I hope!) It would be great to be able to concentrate on using the polishes I already own than constantly getting new ones.

Because last year’s projects went so well, I have high hopes for the projects I’ve come up with for this year. I have made up a list of 27 polishes which I will want to use up this year. I know for a fact that I won’t be able to use up all of them but for some I will be happy if half of the bottle is used up by the end of the year. It will then be easy to use up next year.

Since 27 polishes is a bit much to have in one project (as I learned at the end of last year), I’m going to have 5-7 polishes in a project at a time and then add one as I use up one. I will write the list at the end of the updates and as I use things up, I will cross out the name so that you can see what has been used up.

These are the polishes I picked in the project first:

IMG_0603 pieniFrom left to right we have: Make up Store Asun, L’oreal Confettis, Mavala Candy Apple, Essie Lilacism, Essie Blanc, Depend 255, OPI Look at My Bow!. As the level of the polish is difficult to see in some bottles, here is a picture where I have marked the lines:

IMG_0604 pieniIn this first batch the easiest to use up are Depend 255, OPI Look at my Bow!, L’oreal Confettis and Mavala Candy Apple. I don’t think the other three will be all that difficult to use up, either, it will only take longer to use them up. As I did last year, I’ll try to use each polish in the project at least once a month and will allow myself to use other polishes as well because it seems to be the best way for me to stick with the project.

The rest of the polishes I wish to use up are shown in the next three pictures below.

IMG_0606 pieniOPI Petal Soft, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, OPI Kiss Me at Midnight, OPI Magazine Cover Mouse, MAC Impassioned, Essie A Crewed Interest, Essie Trophy Wife.

IMG_0607 pieniKone Helsinki U15, Rimmel Show Off, P2 Rich & Royal, The Body Shop Minty Amour, Essence Glorious Aquarius, Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop.

IMG_0608 pieniOPI 5 Apples Tall, OPI Super Cute in Pink, OPI Say Hello Kitty, OPI Small + Cute = <3, OPI Spoken from the Heart, Frank Evening Sky, Depend 412.

Why I have chosen these polishes to be used up is different for each polish. The mini-OPI’s are here because they seem easy to use up because they are so small. Some of them, like Depend 412, Essie Trophy Wife and P2 Rich & Royal, are dupes to something else in my collection. I haven’t been able to decide which of the dupes to get rid of, so I might as well use up one of them. The glitter polishes are here because I have so many of them. They are also relatively easy to use up since glitter takes up more room in the bottle than regular polish and thus when you use it, you use up more than you would a regular polish in one manicure. The textured polishes by OPI, Kiss Me at Midnight and Magazine Cover Mouse I want to use up because I’m getting over the textured trend. And finally, some bottles have been in my collection a long time, like Rimmel Show Off, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender and Essie A Crewed Interest and it’s time to give them some more love.

My plan for the textured polishes is a little different than for the others. I thought I would wear each of the textured polish once a month this year and try to use them up that way. There might be more than 12 manicures left in those bottles but at least I would have used them 12 times this year.

As for last year, for this year I have other projects than the one just described. Since I used all the polishes I owned last year, using the ones I didn’t use won’t be a project for this year. I am not going to try to use every single polish I own this year because it was far too stressful last year. Instead, I’m going to have two other projects that are going to be very easy to finish, since there is some overlapping in the lists.

Project #2 is a list of polishes that I only wore on my toes last year, the idea is to use them on the fingers and see if I still like them on my fingers as well. There are some polishes that I only like on my toes and not on my fingers. I don’t like to keep too many polishes like that in my collection, since it’s better to have polishes that can be worn on both fingers and toes. Here are the polishes in this project. I admit, not the greatest pictures in the world, but since there’s no natural daylight even in daytime, there’s not much I can do about that this time of year.

IMG_0610 pieniOPI OPI Red, Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop, Essie Cute as a Button, Rimmel Cocktail Passion, H&M Gumdrops, H&M Coral Road.

IMG_0611 pieniPicture Polish Enchanting, Depend 393, Bourjois Turquoise Block, Chanel April, OPI Spoken from the Heart, OPI 5 Apples Tall, OPI Super Cute in Pink, OPI Small + Cute = <3.

Project #3 consists of polishes I bought last year but only used once. This project helps me evaluate whether I need to keep these polishes in my collection.

IMG_0612 pieniDepend 481, Depend 393, Bourjois Turquoise Block, Essence Play with my Mint, OPI Say Hello Kitty, OPI Spoken from the Heart, OPI 5 Apples Tall, OPI Super Cute in Pink, OPI Small + Cute = <3.

IMG_0613 pieniSally Hansen Combustealble, Essie Take Me to Thread, Essence Pink Parrot, Sally Hansen Giant Peach, Mavala Freesia, Natural Code by Lumene Rebel Royal, Sensinity 91.

Some of these polishes appear in all of the projects and I’m sure you will be sick of reading about them by the end of the year and I will be sick of writing about them. Let’s hope I will be able to finish most of them so I won’t have to write about them next year!

So, I think this was everything I wanted to say this time. Next, I thought I would show you some of my favorite polishes of last year. I also noticed that I forgot to show you my pink polishes when I was writing the collection posts, so that post is also coming.

Until next time!

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