2016 Statistics

This is the post where I reflect on the year that just ended and see if I’ve made any progress.

In the year 2016 I reached my goal of owning less than 100 polishes. At the beginning of the year I owned 124 nail polishes, but I ended up bringing back three polishes that I had previously decluttered, making the total number 127. In 2016 I bought 33 new polishes and made one, so 34 new polishes came into the collection. All in all, 64 polishes left my collection, 14 of them were used up. (Since the last post, I used up Depend 5.) In addition, I decided to start counting my back-up polishes in the total number of polishes because I felt like I was cheating myself by not counting them in. I have currently 3 different back-up polishes. After all this back and forth, I now own 95 nail polishes.

Last year I counted how many different polishes I used in 2015, this year I’m not going to do that because I don’t feel it’s necessary anymore. I have less than one hundred nail polishes, all of which I used last year.

Like I said, I used up 14 polishes in 2016. I find that pretty impressive even though some of the polishes were small 5ml bottles. This year I’m going to try to top that and use up more. I now have less polishes than last year, I won’t try to use every single polish I own and I’m hoping I don’t buy as many polishes this year. All of these reasons make me think I can use up more than 14 polishes.

At the beginning of last year I had 17 sheets of nail stickers. I now have 12 sheets, which means I have used up 5 sheets in one year.

In addition to sticker sheets and nail polishes, I used up four base coats and three top coats.

Finally, some pictures. Here’s a picture of some of the products I used up last year. Unfortunately I didn’t save all of them due to the fact that I moved and didn’t want to haul empty products with me. The picture contains the products I used up after I moved into this apartment, so it has six months worth of used up items.

IMG_0590 pieniAnd these are the polishes I bought last year and ended up staying in my collection. I hope this year I make better decisions when buying polish that I don’t have to get rid of any of the polishes that I buy.

IMG_0601 pieni

The last months of the year I wasn’t allowed to buy any new nail polishes, this was a punishment for the excessive buying that happened especially in August. I managed to stay away from buying polish and I hope that I have learned to think carefully before buying. I have to say that it definitely helped to have a friend with me who was also not buying polish.

That’s all for the statistics for the year 2016!

Coming up is an introduction to the new project, as well as my other plans for 2017. I’m also planning to show some of my favorite polishes of 2016. So, see you soon!

2 thoughts on “2016 Statistics”

  1. Happy new year! Satisfying to see products used up :D And nice statistics!

    I’m glad that I just used up one white polish, a color I don’t use that much. I got randomly two polishes as a Christmas gift, but luckily just that kind of colours I needed!

    1. Happy new year to you too! Congratulations on using up a bottle! It is even more satisfying to use up a polish you don’t wear as much than a bottle of your favorite polish.

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