Project Update: September

September didn’t really go as I had planned it. I had three goals for the month and I succeeded in meeting one of them. I wanted to use up one polish but I ended up on concentrating on using the polishes I hadn’t used yet this year, so I didn’t end up finishing any of the polishes. One of my goals was also to not buy any new polishes but I found some offers too good to pass up and ended up buying five new polishes. Luckily I didn’t go over the line of 100 polishes because I really don’t want to have over 100 polishes anymore. Needless to say, I won’t be buying new nail polishes for the rest of the year (except that one from Essence if I can find it…).

The goal I succeeded in meeting last month was to use the polishes I didn’t use last year. This was the easiest goal to meet because I only had two polishes left in this category. So at least one of my projects for this year has been completed! Yay!

As far as the other projects go, the other is doing great and the other not so much. But it’s hard to focus on both of these projects at once because of their different nature. At the end of August I had 33 nail polishes that I hadn’t used this year and since I focused on this project this month, I now have seven left!

I have decided not to attempt to use all of my polishes next year because this is the project that has caused the most stress for me. When I use a polish just for the sake of using it, I end up using it when I don’t really want to wear that color. This past month I found myself hating even some of my favorite polishes because I used them just for the sake of finishing the project. So next year I will use the polishes I feel like using at the time, apart from having some smaller projects, of course.

I mentioned before that I didn’t make much process in using up the polishes in the project but I want to show you the little process that I did make. So here are the polishes in the project that I used last month:

Isadora Icy Purple, Kone Helsinki U15, OPI Petal Soft, Rimmel Show Off and Golden Rose 120

Isadora Icy Purple, Kone Helsinki U15, OPI Petal Soft, Rimmel Show Off and Golden Rose 120

I managed to use Isadora’s Icy Purple twice last month, that lowest black line you see on the bottle is where the polish was yesterday before I applied it to my nails. If I tried hard enough, I should be able to use this up in October. I have found that I really like the color but I don’t fancy the frosty finish that it has.

The next polish is Kone Helsinki’s U15 which I have so far only paired with the previous polish I mentioned but I will definitely use it on its own and with other polishes in the future. For some reason, in the picture it looks like the the lowest line is in the wrong place but the polish is actually where the lowest line is.

OPI’s Petal Soft got some use last week when I paired it with two different polishes that I hadn’t used yet this year. This polish has flower shaped glitter pieces in it that tend to stick out when they are on the nail so I decided not to use them in the manicures I did last week. I may do that in the future as well.

Rimmel’s Show Off is the next polish in the picture and it is not a polish I used last month. I put this on yesterday on my toes but decided to include it in this post anyway. I don’t remember if I mentioned this in my last post but I chose this in the project to see if I like to use this polish or is it something that I could potentially get rid of. At the moment, I think I could live without this polish, but I will use it a couple more times just to be sure.

The last polish in the picture is Golden Rose 120 which you may be bored to see still in the project because it has had so little left for a couple of months now and I still haven’t used it up yet. But I haven’t had the heart to use it up yet because I like it so much and these kind of holographic polishes are hard to find. I will have to use it up before winter, though, because it has been in the project for so long.

My goals for October are:

- to use up one polish

-to refrain from buying new polishes

So that was all for today’s post, thank you for reading and see you next time!