Project Update: August

August was a very productive month! I hoped to finish at least one nail polish but I managed to finish three! The down side is that I also managed to buy twelve new nail polishes… Oops. To balance things, I removed some polishes from the collection and I now own 90 bottles. I am pretty happy with my collection at the moment, there are only a couple of polishes that are under observation, so to speak. This means that I am not sure whether I want to keep them in my collection or could I possibly live without them.

In this post I will show you the progress with the polishes in the project as well as the polishes I bought this month.

End of August

End of August

The upper line indicates the level of the polish when I took the polish into the project and the lower line shows you where the polish was at the last update. I have removed all the other lines because they were unnecessary and kind of confusing.

The first polish on the left is Depend 255 which I included in the project right at the beginning but soon dismissed it because I didn’t feel like wearing it during spring and summer. I will now take it back into the project and I am excited to wear it again. I have not made any progress on it yet. The next polish is Golden Rose 120 which I thought about focusing on in August to use up however, I didn’t want to finish it quite yet so I only wore it once in August. Isadora Icy Purple was also on hold for most of the summer because it  wasn’t a color I would want to wear during summer either but I did wear it once in August and I will be wearing it more often now that the season is changing into autumn.

And now on to the polishes I finished! The three polishes I finished this month are Mavala Sweet, Isadora Cotton Candy and Lumene Pink Ribbon. Of the three Isadora Cotton Candy was the first to be finished and it took only two uses from the lowest line marked. I used three coats to be able to use it up faster. I found myself having mixed feelings about this polish; I liked the lovely purple shade of it but hated the fact that it was matte. Adding top coat made it look weird because of the texture underneath. I am very happy that this is finally finished!

Next I used up Mavala Sweet. I thought I had better use this up while it’s still summer because this was one of those shades that look orange in indoor lighting and I don’t like orange on my nails. At the beginning of the month I was only about half way through the bottle but managed to use it up anyway. With this I also often put on three coats because the finish was streaky with just two coats.

The last polish I finished this month was Lumene’s Pink Ribbon nail polish. This was relatively easy to use up as it only took four applications from the lowest line you can see on the bottle. All in all I got only seven manicures from this bottle which tells you just how thick textured polishes are.

Having finished four polishes during this project I now have only three left from the original bunch. I’m thinking of adding new ones into the mix but I haven’t decided on the particular polishes yet, so I will keep you updated on that front. But now onto the polishes I bought this month.

OPI Mini Hello Kitty Set

OPI Mini Hello Kitty Set

On my trip to Mallorca I bought this adorable set of mini OPI’s. They are six of the polishes in the OPI Hello Kitty collection. It comes with Small + Cute = <3, Look at My Bow!, Spoken from the Heart, 5 Apples Tall, Super Cute in Pink and Say Hello Kitty!. These mini OPI bottles were so cute I couldn’t resist!

Depend 481, Depend 393, Sensinity 91, Bourjois Turquoise Block, Sally Hansen Giant Peach, Picture Polish Forget Me Not

Depend 481, Depend 393, Sensinity 91, Bourjois Turquoise Block, Sally Hansen Giant Peach, Picture Polish Forget Me Not

So I went a little crazy with the turquoise nail polishes this month… The Depend nail polishes were definitely not necessary to buy but I’m sure they will be used up eventually and I hope I will actually like them. The Sensinity nail polish as well as the Bourjois nail polish I have already tried and I can’t bring myself to regret buying them. The Sensinity polish is supposed to be scented but I didn’t smell anything. That’s fine though since I didn’t buy it for the scent. The Sally Hansen polish I had looked at many times at a certain store but could never justify myself to buy it thinking I had too many similar polishes. That particular store went bankrupt recently and they were getting rid of everything at a lower price, so I had to buy this when it was sold 50% off of the normal price. Picture Polish Forget Me Not was a little disappointing because it is much more blue on the nail than it is in the bottle. I ended up trying to make a frankenpolish with this to make it a bit more to my liking. I used the empty bottle that used to hold Depend 34 which I used up in July. You can see the polish in the picture below.

A England Crown of Thistles, Frankenpolish

A England Crown of Thistles and Frankenpolish

I mixed Essie’s Play Date with Forget Me Not to make it a bit more purple. I haven’t tried it on my nails yet but I like it in the bottle. Next to the frankenpolish is an A England polish I got back in May but I don’t think I have shown it to you yet. I already wore it back in May but it wasn’t a spring / summer shade so I am excited to wear it in the fall.

As far as the other projects go, I have made progress on them as well. Of the polishes I didn’t wear in 2015 I have now only two of them left. At the end of July I had seven. I think I will be able to complete this project this month.

The third project is to use every single polish I have at least once. In July I had 34 polishes that were untouched and now there are 33. I would have made a lot more progress with this if I hadn’t bought so many new ones. But 33 is still good considering the fact that at the end of last year I had 56 polishes I hadn’t managed to use at all.

Goals for September are:- to use up one polish
- to use the two polishes I didn’t use last year
- to refrain from buying new polishes!!

I think that was everything I had to share this time. Next I will show you the last part of my collection, namely the base and top coats. It’s the least interesting part so I saved it for last.

2 thoughts on “Project Update: August”

  1. Good job in all projects! And yeah it’s understandable to go crazy with turquoise… :D they are so pretty!

    I just finished my summer job, so I’m happy that now even the craziest colours and nail art aren’t off limits anymore.

    1. Hi there! Great to hear from you again! :) I’m glad you can now wear whatever you want on your nails! I don’t know what I would do if I had a job where I would have to think what shades I can wear!

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