Project Update: July

Hi! Remember me? It’s been exactly two months since my last post where I said I would write soon but then I disappeared. There are several reasons as to why I didn’t write posts, first I got sick for two weeks, then I was lazy, then I began packing up my stuff because I moved, then I unpacked all of my stuff in my new place and for the last month in this new apartment there has been other stuff to do than to sit on a computer and write posts. There was a time when I didn’t wear nail polish for two weeks because of all the packing and unpacking but for the rest of the time I have been using my polishes and I am now exited to show you the progress I have made with the polishes in the project.

Here’s a picture where you can see the progress lines in the bottles:

The progress at the end of July

The progress at the end of July

I am happy to report that I have finished Depend 34! It is the polish far right in the picture and it doesn’t perhaps seem empty but there is not enough polish for a whole manicure. This was one of my favorite nail polishes so it was easy to use up. I think I will be able to live without this nail polish but it sure was a great summer color for both toes and fingers.

Going from right to left in the picture we have Isadora’s Icy Purple next. I wore this once in June and didn’t like it at all so I haven’t worn it since. It is definitely not a summer color for me but I think I will try to use it somehow before the fall since I have reached for this color only three times during this project which started at the beginning of April.

Lumene’s Pink Ribbon I have used even less times than Isadora’s Icy Purple. I have used it only twice in four months. It may be that in my mind it’s more a winter polish because it is so thick but also I might still think that it is difficult to remove even though I have a glitter base coat as well as glitter nail polish remover. I will have to make an effort to use this polish during August.

Golden Rose 120 is over half way down the bottle already and this is the polish I have reached the most often during the last four months. It has definitely been one of my favorite polishes besides Depend 34. So far I have used this polish five times. It will be interesting to see how many more manicures I can get from this bottle because the brush handle is relatively short and I’m not positive it will pick up everything but we shall see.

Mavala Sweet has been a surprise favorite in the bunch, I have worn it four times even though it hasn’t been in the project as long as the rest have, I took it in in early May.

I haven’t reached for Isadora’s Cotton Candy as much I thought I would. This textured polish seems like the perfect summer polish but I have only used it three times during the project. This is another polish I need to start wearing more since I want this polish to be gone before the winter. Why? you ask. I don’t know, it’s just a feeling I have :D

I have two other projects besides the just updated one. I don’t think I have mentioned them before. I’m trying to use the polishes I didn’t use at all in 2015 as well as use all the polishes I own at least once this year. I’m not sure if I will be able to accomplish the latter project but I’m doing pretty well on the other. At the beginning of the year I had 56 nail polishes which I hadn’t use at all last year. Now there’s only seven left I haven’t used. At the moment there are 34 nail polishes I own that I have not used this year. It won’t be the end of the world if I don’t use all of them this year since to me, the primary object is to use up some polishes.

I will have the next four weeks off from work so I hope to finish the collection posts then. Also, I will concentrate on using the five polishes in the primary project and possibly use up one of them in August.