The Collection: Misfits

This is the post where I will show all of the polishes that I didn’t know how to categorize.  Here you will see all the pinkish purples and denim blues and one or two true blue polishes. Pinkish purples don’t really belong with the pinks because there they look too purple. When put with the purples they look pink. Same with the denim blues: they fit neither with blues nor with purples. So they get their own category here. I have also included the berry polishes here because there are only three and they don’t really belong in with the pinks either.

There are eleven polishes that I am going to go through today. Four of them are in the pinkish purple range, three in the berry family, two or three in the denim blue category and one true blue shade. Here they are:

The Misfits

The Misfits

Let’s start with the pinkish purples and then move on to the berries and finally to the blues and denim blues.

Essie Splash of Grenadine, Color Club Sweetpea, Maybelline Pink Innocence

Essie Splash of Grenadine, Color Club Sweetpea, Maybelline Pink Innocence

These are three of the four pinkish purple polishes I have. Why I didn’t take a picture with all four, I’ll never know… :D The fourth one will be in with the berries.

The first polish on the left is Essie’s Splash of Grenadine and it was one of the first Essie nail polishes that I bought when Essie became readily available here. This was totally up my alley back then but I have moved away from the pinks and pinkish purples a bit, so this is not a favorite anymore but I am not able to get rid of it anyway. So it will stay for now.

I am getting rid of Color Club’s Sweetpea, though, because it is very similar to the Maybelline’s Pink Innocence that is pictured next to it. Sweetpea is more purple whereas Pink Innocence is more pink and I prefer the more pink version.

Essie Madison Ave-Hue, Foot Loose, Jamaica Me Crazy, OPI Dim Sum Plum

Essie Madison Ave-Hue, Foot Loose, Jamaica Me Crazy, OPI Dim Sum Plum

When you look at Essie Madison Ave-Hue in the bottle it definitely has some purple aspects to it but on the nail it looks pretty much just pink. It has some silver shimmer in it which shows up on the nail a bit and it makes the polish stand out from the rest of these pinkish purples. This may be on the chopping block later if I don’t wear it enough since I don’t wear pink very often on my finger nails. I do like pink on my toes so it may stay for that purpose.

Moving on to the berry polishes. I have three of them and that may be too much since I don’t really wear berry colors anymore either. Out of Essie’s Foot Loose, Jamaica Me Crazy and OPI’s Dim Sum Plum I’m getting rid of Essie’s Foot Loose because it was never my favorite, the two others were at some point favorites. Foot Loose also has a thin brush which is a tad bit difficult to work with.

OPI Kiss Me at Midnight, Essie Bikini So Teeny, The Body Shop Got the Blues, Depend 412

OPI Kiss Me at Midnight, Essie Bikini So Teeny, The Body Shop Got the Blues, Depend 412

OPI Kiss Me at Midnight is the only true blue polish I have. I don’t normally like blue on my nails but Kiss Me at Midnight I like perhaps because of the silver glitter pieces it has. It is also a textured polish. I have a feeling that I will grow out of the textured trend soon so I may have to use up this and all of my other textured polishes in the near future.

Essie’s Bikini so Teeny is impossible for me to categorize. When I look at it in the bottle I see some purple in it even though many describe it as a blue polish. This also has silver shimmer in it but with this polish it does not show up on the nail.

The Body Shop Got the Blues and Depend 412 are basically the same color except the Depend polish is a tad darker.  I can’t decide which polish to keep and which to get rid of, so I’m keeping them both for now.

So that’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed reading this!

The Collection: Purples

There are eight nail polishes in my collection that are definitely purple. There are also colors that have a purple-ness to them but are definitely either pink or blue. Those polishes will be presented in their own post after this one.

This purple category may be the most versatile of the categories. While in other categories the colors are rather similar to each other, the purples are all different. I take it as a good thing :)

Here are the polishes I’m going to talk about:

The Purples

The Purples

I decided to keep all of the purples I have. Two of these polishes are in my current project, however, so they will most likely be used up in the near future. Let’s take a closer look at the polishes.

Kone Helsinki U15, Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled, Isadora Icy Purple, Maybelline Viva Blue Violet

Kone Helsinki U15, Sally Hansen Be-Jeweled, Isadora Icy Purple, Maybelline Viva Blue Violet

The first polish on the left is something I probably wouldn’t have picked up myself as it is a rather sheer polish. Kone Helsinki’s U15 is a lovely polish though and I’m glad I got it as a gift because I don’t have anything else like this in my collection. It reflects greenish yellow colors when you turn the bottle in the light and if I remember correctly that shift shows up on the nail too.

Sally Hansen’s Be-Jeweled is one of their Gem Crush polishes from a few years ago. It is a textured polish that came out before texture was a trend in the nail polish world. I wore this recently but I think the purple is more suitable for fall and winter time because I wasn’t feeling the color this time of year. This is one of my favorite polishes, though, so it must be the season that makes me not like it right now.

Isadora Icy Purple is one of the polishes I have in the current project to use up. It is also one of the polishes that I had back in 2012. And even though it’s been one of my favorite polishes, I haven’t worn it much. This is probably because of all of the new polishes I used to buy that had to be worn first.

Maybelline’s Viva Blue Violet looks very blue next to the other polishes and as the name suggests, it has blue in it. I have always thought it a purple polish, though, so it is presented here.

Isadora Cotton Candy, Essie Lilacism, Essie Paly Date, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Isadora Cotton Candy, Essie Lilacism, Essie Play Date, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

Isadora Cotton Candy is also in the current project to use up. I wanted to have a spring color in the project and this was perfect. I am currently wearing this shade and it is a lovely shade.

Essie Lilacism was the second Essie polish I ever bought and it was back when Essie wasn’t readily available here in Finland yet. It has a small brush as opposed to the thick brush that Essies have now. This is going to be part of the project when I use up some of the others first, so that when this is used up I can buy a new one with a better brush.

Essie Play Date is a newer addition to the collection, I bought it last year. I’m not sure if this is going to stay in the collection for very long, I wasn’t the biggest fan when this was on my nails. It’s on probation, if I don’t want to wear this during the rest of the year, it may have to go.

The last polish in this category is OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavender. This used to be a favorite polish but I recently wore it and it looked a bit boring on my nails. I guess I’m used to bright and fun colors these days and this doesn’t fit the bill. I’m going to keep it, though, for old times sake. And who knows, maybe I will like it better in the summer.

So those were my purple polishes!

The Collection: Corals

This time in the nail polish collection series we are going to go through my coral nail polishes. There are thirteen nail polishes that fit in this category and I was able to get rid of only one of them. Either I’m going to declutter some of them during the rest of the year or I will have to use up some of them. But it is definite that I don’t need new polishes in this category.

I mentioned in one post that I was thinking of buying a new nail polish either from OPI, Essie or Lumene. As I was getting these nail polishes together for the picture I realized the polishes I was dreaming of, all fit in this category, so I ended up talking myself out of buying any of them.

So here are the thirteen polishes that fit in this category:

The Corals

The Corals

At this point I will mention that I am very bad at putting colors into categories so some of these polishes may be in the wrong category for some people. I hope that won’t bother you too much. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the coral polishes I have.

Rimmel Cocktail Passion, H&M Check Me Out, H&M Coral Road, Mavala Freesia

Rimmel Cocktail Passion, H&M Check Me Out, H&M Coral Road, Mavala Freesia

Starting from the left of the picture we have Rimmel’s Cocktail Passion. I recently came across pictures I had taken of my nail polish collection in 2012 and this Rimmel polish was part of it. I haven’t used very much of it in the years I have owned it which in some cases would mean that I should get rid of it but in this case I think I will start using it more now that I have less polishes in my collection.

If you read the post on my favorite nail polishes back in January you may remember that H&M’s Check Me Out was mentioned in that post. I recently did some comparisons of my coral polishes and realized that Check Me Out is very similar if not exactly the same as Wet ‘n Wild’s Tropicalia (seen in the next picture) so there is no reason for me to keep both of them. Tropicalia had slightly better formula and brush so I kept that over Check Me Out. The latter is already in a new and loving home :)

The other H&M nail polish in the picture is called Coral Road and it is a true chameleon polish. In some lights it looks coral and in some pink. This might be true for all corals but I’ve noticed it especially with this polish.

Mavala Freesia is the newest polish in this category as I bought it this year. In hindsight it is not a necessary addition to my collection but I think it will stay for now. When I wear it the next time I will make a decision whether to keep it or not.

China Glaze Son of a Nutcracker, Mac Impassioned, Chanel Distraction, Wet 'n Wild Tropicalia

China Glaze Son of a Nutcracker, Mac Impassioned, Chanel Distraction, Wet ‘n Wild Tropicalia

China Glaze Son of a Nutcracker is perhaps not a coral but has some coral-ness to it so it appears in this category. This came out in China Glaze’s Christmas collection last year but I think this color can be worn all year round. Mac Impassioned has been in my collection a couple of years and it definitely needs more love than it has been getting. Chanel Distraction was also in the favorites post and it still is a lovely polish but I would not pay that much money for a nail polish anymore. Now that I am reminded of how good Wet ‘n Wild Tropicalia actually is I will most probably start using it a lot more, I hope.

Essie Sunday Funday, Serial Shopper and Tart Deco

Essie Sunday Funday, Serial Shopper and Tart Deco

Essie Sunday Funday is a true coral but instead of being a cream finish like most of the other polishes in this category it has silver shimmers in it. Sometimes when Essie puts silver shimmer in their polishes the shimmer doesn’t show up on the nail and the same is almost true with this one. The shimmer in Sunday Funday shows up a little on the nail put not as much as in the bottle. But I like the polish anyway.

Serial Shopper and Tart Deco are very similar and technically I wouldn’t need both. They are also different which is the reason I can’t get rid of either at the moment. When I have two polishes that are similar colors my plan is to use up one of them. This way I don’t have to make a decision to get rid of one, I only have to decide which to use up first. In this case Serial Shopper will probably get used up first as it has less product in it than Tart Deco.

At the top: OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster. At the bottom: OPI Aloha from OPI.

At the top: OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster. At the bottom: OPI Aloha from OPI.

The last two polishes that in my opinion go into this category are both from OPI and they are I Eat Mainely Lobster and Aloha from OPI. The former looks much more coral in the bottle than it does on the nail. On the nail I Eat Mainely Lobster is much darker and may be very similar to Mac’s Impassioned. If they prove to be too similar one of them will possibly have to go. Aloha from OPI was also in my favorites and as I used up Lumene’s Tango for Two which was very similar to this, Aloha from OPI will now get a lot more use.

Those were all of the coral and coral-ish polishes I have! I know some of them seem very similar and they are but it is rather difficult to get rid of your favorite colors, isn’t it?

Which category would you like to see next? I am open to suggestions. Or would you like it to be a surprise?

That’s all for now! Until next time!

P.S. I keep repeating that certain polishes need more love and need to be used more often. This reflects my belief that I will be able to use the majority if not all of my polishes at least once a year now that I own less of them. The fact that I want to wear them is a good sign that they belong in my collection.

The Current Project

Here’s a quick post showing you the polishes I will be working on next. I have chosen six polishes and they will be my main focus for the next while. The idea is to use them up but how long that will take is a mystery. I will allow myself to use other polishes beside the ones in the project because I don’t want to neglect  other polishes I have. But the ones in the project are a priority. As usual, I have chosen smaller bottles because they are easier to use up. I tried to choose a variety of colors for this project so that it wouldn’t get boring but now that I look at them there’s mostly pink and purple polishes. Oh, well… My goal is to use each polish at least once a month.

Here is a picture of the polishes I chose. I hope you can see the amounts the polishes have left in them.

Isadora Icy Purple, Isadora Cotton Candy, Golden Rose 120, Depend 34, Depend 255

Isadora Icy Purple, Isadora Cotton Candy, Golden Rose 120, Depend 34, Depend 255

Starting from the left we have Isadora’s Icy Purple. This used to be a polish I loved but nowadays I don’t tend to reach for frosty finishes. I do like the color, though, so I want to try to use it up. I am currently wearing this with a matte top coat over it and I really like it. It’s not exactly a spring color but I think I can wear it once a month no matter the season.

The other Isadora polish I chose is a textured finish, which they call Sugar Nails. The shade is called Cotton Candy and it is a pastel purple. I chose it because I thought it is a nice color for spring and summer so it should be relatively easy to use up.

The polish in the middle is Golden Rose 120 and it is a holographic pink. Holographic finish isn’t my thing either but this is not bad, in fact it is one of my favorite polishes. I am doubtful if I am going to be able use up the polish entirely because of the shape of the bottle and the shortness of the brush but we shall see.

I chose two Depend polishes to use up and I think both of these polishes have been in a project or two before. The pink is number 34 and it only has a couple of uses left in it. Number 255 is a teal blue with a matte finish and is clearly not a spring color either but sometimes one likes to wear colors that are not exactly appropriate for the season. I just hope that I will want to wear this more than once in this spring and summer season.

The sixth polish I chose for the project came in after I took the picture so it is not in it. It is Lumene’s Pink Ribbon nail polish and it is also pink but it has silver glitters in it. It is also a textured polish. The one time I used it made a huge dent in the bottle, so I think it will be used up quickly.

There will be updates at the end of each month to keep you up to date on the progress I am making with the polishes.

The next post will be a collection post on my coral nail polishes!

The Collection: Turquoise, Mint and Emerald

The next category we are going to go through from my collection is all the turquoise, mint green and emerald green nail polishes. There are twelve nail polishes in my collection that fit in this category and along with the glitters (which I have already shown you) and corals it is one of the largest categories in my collection. Turquoises and emerald greens are very hard to picture accurately, so the pictures below won’t do any justice to the polishes. Also, I was not able to do any culling in this category, so there will be no red X’s this time.

Here is a group photo of the polishes in this category:

Twelve bottles of gorgeousness!

Twelve bottles of gorgeousness!

Let’s take a closer look at the polishes!

The first set of polishes I’m going to show you contains three polishes that were all mentioned in my favorites post that I wrote in January. Two of them I still really like and one I need to wear again to remind myself.

Picture Polish Enchanting, Color Club Holiday Splendor and China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

Picture Polish Enchanting, Color Club Holiday Splendor, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise

Picture Polish Enchanting is the one I need to wear again because I have only worn it once since I got it. Now that my collection is getting smaller and I’m not constantly getting new polishes, I may actually get to wear all of my polishes more than once. The color in the picture is not what the polish looks like in real life, it is an emerald green polish. Color Club Holiday Splendor is also emerald green but very different from the previous one. Enchanting has very subtle glitters in it, whereas Holiday Splendor has bigger holographic glitters in it. This is a very lovely polish for Christmas time and among all the reds that I wear around that time this polish offers some variation to the theme. To this day China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise is one of my very favorite nail polishes but I have not had the chance to wear it this year.

Essie Ruffles and Feathers, Essie First Timer, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Picture Polish Honey Moon

Essie Ruffles and Feathers, Essie First Timer, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Picture Polish Honey Moon

Of the five nail polishes shown in the picture above, four of them I got last year. This goes to show you that I was really into this mint and emerald green color family last year. Both Essie Ruffles and Feathers and First Timer I was introduced to by people on Youtube. Back then I hadn’t learned how to control myself, which is something I hope I have learned to do by now.

There is a story behind how this bottle of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet came in my collection. A long story short, a friend of mine ordered Mint Sorbet online and got the old version with the bold X on the front. Later, I found the new version with the narrow X in stores here. When we met (we live in different cities) we compared the two shades and found that they are slightly different. The old version is a little lighter than the new one. As it happened we both liked the ones the other had, so we exchanged the bottles, so both of us were happy.

Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos has been in my collection for years but I haven’t used it in a while, something which I hope to remedy this year. Picture Polish Honey Moon is still a question mark. I don’t know yet if this is going to stay in my collection or not. I have only worn it once so far and can’t make a decision yet.

Rimme District-ly Come Dancing, Essie Naughty Nautical, Wet 'n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint, The Body Shop Minty Amour

Rimmel District-ly Come Dancing, Essie Naughty Nautical, Wet ‘n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint, The Body Shop Minty Amour

These are the last four polishes in this category. Two of them I got last year (Rimmel District-ly Come Dancing and The Body Shop Minty Amour) and I wore them last year also. Essie Naughty Nautical I bought two years ago, I remember because I wore it on my trip to Berlin which was in May 2014. I haven’t worn it since because I have had too many polishes in my collection and too many new polishes to try. Wet ‘n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint I have owned longer but don’t remember exactly when I got it. I only remember getting it because it was said to be a dupe for China Glaze’s For Audrey which everybody seems to like, so naturally I had to buy it…

So those were the twelve polishes out of my collection that fit in the category of turquoise, mint and emerald. Like I said, I wasn’t able to get rid of any of these, even though some of them may seem similar. To me they are different enough to keep them all. I will have to use these this year, though, because who knows if my taste will change and suddenly I don’t like these anymore. This has happened to me with some polishes in the past. I would be great to use these up while I still like them.

In the next post I will show you the polishes I have picked for my next project. There will be several because the Mavala challenge showed me that using only one polish is boring.


The Many Faces of Mavala Velvet

As promised, I took a picture of each of the manicures I made with Mavala Velvet even if they didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them to. There was one time when I removed the polish right away because it was horrible and a couple of times when I removed it within a day. I applied two coats of polish each time except the one time I cheated and put on three coats. As with many polishes when I reached the half way point, I had to begin applying thinner because the polish would not dry. This was recorded as well and you will see the pictures below.

I got 13 manicures from this 5 ml bottle in addition to the two times the polish was used prior to this challenge. Fifteen times from one bottle!! That gives you something to think about, at least it did me. Of course it depends on the amount of coats you use, the size of your nails and the consistency of the polish (thicker polishes will run out quicker) how many manicures you get from one bottle. But if a 5 ml bottle gives me 15 manicures, a 15 ml bottle will give me 45 manicures! When purchasing a new bottle of polish it’s good to think about whether you want to use that particular shade 15 to 45 times.

This first manicure you have already seen in another post. I don’t remember if I had decided to take this polish into the challenge at this point or if the decision came later. However it may be, I really liked this first manicure even though there is some shrinkage to be seen from the use of Seche Vite.

Mavala Velvet

Mavala Velvet

Next I tried paw prints. Paw prints were the first kind of nail art I ever tried and I loved it back then. For some reason, every time I’ve tried to do paw prints in recent years, they have not come out the way I wanted them to. This time was no different, I removed these instantly because I didn’t like the way they looked.

Mavala Velvet with paw prints

Mavala Velvet with paw prints

Next I tried something easier than paw prints, that is to say, glitter. L’oreal Confettis with its black and white glitter pieces worked nicely with the neutral shade and I loved this look.

Mavala Velvet with L'oreal Confettis

Mavala Velvet with L’oreal Confettis

Next I tried again something different and was gravely disappointed! This manicure was gone the minute it was created. The white used here was Sally Hansen White On.

Mavala Velvet 4 pieni

After the failed attempt at something different I tried stamping. I used an image I had never used and even though the result isn’t perfect, I liked it. For the white I used Sally Hansen White On again and the image is from Konad image plate m56.

Mavala Velvet 5 pieni

I hadn’t done very much stamping by this point so I wanted to do it again, this time using a Konad polish I had bought but not yet tried. As the royal purple that I chose was so dark and the image potentially scary looking I opted for accent nails, stamping my ring finger and thumb with an image from Konad plate m98. This was the sixth manicure with Mavala Velvet and by this point I desperately wanted to use some other polish but stuck with the challenge anyway. I did rebel, though, and put on three coats of polish here :D

Mavala Velvet 6 pieni

Rebellious manicure

In the seventh manicure I decided to use Gina Tricot Snow as glitter polish. This time I placed the glitter at the base of the nail to get some variation.

Mavala Velvet 7 pieni


I don’t remember what I had planned for my eighth manicure but I decided against it because the base was ruined by the fact that the polish never dried properly. It was at this point that I had to apply thinner for the first time. I was now a little farther than half way through the bottle.

Mavala Velvet 8 pieni

My ninth manicure was almost the same as the eighth one except here it was my own fault that the manicure got ruined. This happens to me sometimes that I am too impatient to wait for the polish to dry and then the result looks like this. Although this is not very bad, I’ve had worse :D Anyway, I decided not to do anything on top of this already slightly ruined manicure. But I did like this polish on its own, too, so it was not a completely wasted manicure.

Mavala Velvet 9 pieniFrom my tenth manicure onward I tried different glitters on top of Velvet. I think by this point I had run out of ideas and just wanted to experiment with the many glitters I have. In hindsight, maybe I should have tried a bit harder, but what can you do. The tenth time using the polish I paired it with H&M’s glitter polish in Free Your Mind placing it again at the tip of the nail.

Mavala Velvet with H&M Free Your Mind

Mavala Velvet with H&M Free Your Mind

I have to say I was lucky that this polish went with so many different glitters. Here I used it with OPI’s Pink Yet Lavender and they look very nice together. The picture is unfortunately a bit out of focus. I remember now why I chose so many glitters for the final manicures with Velvet. It was because I decided to use the Depend glitter base coat which I’m also trying to use up this year.

Mavala Velvet with OPI Pink Yet Lavender

Mavala Velvet with OPI Pink Yet Lavender

I chose OPI’s Petal Soft for the last two manicures with the polish. I didn’t want to bring too many polishes with me when I went to my parents to spend Easter there. First I applied the glitter at the tips.

Mavala Velvet with OPI Petal Soft

Mavala Velvet with OPI Petal Soft

This was the last manicure I got out of the bottle, the thirteenth in a row. This time I used two coats of OPI Petal Soft on top. Here I was again using the peel off base coat by Depend so I didn’t have to worry about the trouble removing two coats of glitter. There was still some polish left in the bottle but it was difficult enough to get this last manicure out of it so I decided that it was time to end the challenge.

Mavala Velvet with two coats of Petal Soft by OPI

Mavala Velvet with two coats of Petal Soft by OPI

In some ways it was fun to test the imagination and use up an entire bottle of polish by using it consistently until it’s gone. However, I don’t think I’m going to do the same anytime soon. The reason is that it is not fair to the polish to have to use it even if I don’t want to. Because there were times during this challenge that I did not want to paint my nails with this color even though I liked it. I need some variation in my life. What I’m going to do next is, I’m going to pick about five polishes that will be my main focus for the next few months. However, I’m going to allow myself to use other polishes, too. I will present those colors to you in another post soon.

I hope this little challenge of mine was entertaining to you. I’m sorry this post was not up on Sunday. I was having problems with uploading pictures on here.

Next post will be the next installment on my nail polish collection. I was requested to show my turquoise, blue and green category next so that is what I’m going to do.


The Collection: Glitters

Welcome to the first installment of the series of posts on my nail polish collection. I have 110 polishes at the moment and it would be too long a post to put it all in one. It took a long time for me to figure out a way to show you my collection but I finally got inspired by some Youtube videos where people decluttered their collections and went through their polishes by color category. I decided to do the same but in picture format instead of a video. While I was forming categories I noticed that some categories became rather big. This inspired me to do some decluttering while preparing for the collection posts. In the pictures below I will mark the polishes I’m getting out of my collection with a red X.

I will start with my glitter polishes. Why? you ask. Well, probably because it’s one of the biggest categories, if not the biggest. Here, I’m referring to glitter top coats; opaque glitter polishes will appear in their respective color category. This time last year I remember having a craving for glitter polishes but this year I feel I’m over glitter. Having said this, I couldn’t part with many of my glitters but baby steps are better than no steps at all.

So, let’s get started! First, here’s all of the glitter top coats gathered in a group photo.

IMG_0456 pieniThere are fifteen glitter top coats in my collection.  Now, let’s have a closer look at the bottles! First, OPI glitters:

OPI from left to right: Minnie Style, Bearest of Them All, Petal Soft, Pink Yet Lavender

OPI from left to right: Minnie Style, Bearest of Them All, Petal Soft, Pink Yet Lavender

I was surprised to find that I had as many as four OPI glitters in my collection. Just before starting to write this post I applied Minnie Style on my nails and found that there is a lot of the clear base in the bottle and not enough glitters. Although, it could be that there all settled at the bottom of the bottle and didn’t come up despite my shaking the bottle. I will still keep this, though, because I like the red glitters. I will not be keeping Bearest of Them All, however, even though it’s the newest of the OPI’s in my collection. In the time that I have owned the polish I have found it difficult to pair it with other colors. Also, the heart glitters in the polish are rather big and they stick out of the nail.  When I look at the polish in the picture I am tempted to keep it but since I feel that I need to decrease the amount of the glitters I have and this being one of the most difficult to wear, I will have to part with it.

The next polish is Petal Soft. This glitter has a the same problem as Bearest of Them All in that the flower shaped glitters stick out when on the nail. This shade of glitter is much easier to pair with other colors so that is why it’s going to stay in my collection for now. The last OPI glitter I’m going to write about is, ironically, the first OPI glitter I ever bought, it is Pink Yet Lavender. I love this glitter, it goes with many colors and as you can see I have gotten good use out of it.

IMG_0459 pieni

Orly Watch it Glitter, Orly Mermaid Tale, Essence Glorious Aquarius, Make up Store Asun

In this set I’m parting with Orly’s Watch it Glitter because it is the most difficult glitter to pair with other polishes. In the years I have owned it I have not found a combination I like, so that is why I’m finally letting go of this one. I have tried to part with this before but took it back to the collection only to find out that I still don’t know how to wear it. The other Orly polish in my collection is Mermaid Tale which I bought at the same time as the other one but this is much easier to wear. Why it looks like I have used Watch it Glitter more than Mermaid Tale I don’t know! Essence Glorious Aquarius is very similar to Mermaid Tale but it is a different color and a much smaller bottle. You may remember that I used up Asun by Make up Store earlier this year. I already had this back up bottle of it that I bought last year. The glitter in this bottle seems to like to settle much more quickly than in the previous bottle I had which annoys me a little but it is staying nevertheless.

Sally Hansen Princess Cut, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Essie A Cut Above, Gina Tricot Snow

Sally Hansen Princess Cut, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Essie A Cut Above, Gina Tricot Snow

Sally Hansen’s Princess Cut is the only flaky polish I have left. Before, I had up to three flaky polishes but I figured it’s pointless to own so many polishes that offer the same look. Princess Cut stayed because it was my favorite of the three. It definitely deserves much more love than it has gotten so far. Sinful Colors Nail Junkie appeared in the post about my favorite polishes even though this polish cannot be worn alone to achieve the look I love. On its own it’s is very sheer and it is kind of disappointing that the polish doesn’t look on the nail as it looks in the bottle. I put Essie’s Trophy Wife underneath Nail Junkie to get the look I love. Essie’s A Cut Above is similar to OPI’s Pink Yet Lavender but different enough to own them both (says the polish hoarder). While Pink Yet Lavender has multicolored and pink glitters in it, A Cut Above has all pink glitters in different sizes. Speaking of different sized glitters, Gina Tricot Snow has matte white glitters in different sizes in it and it is true to its name and looks like snow on the nail.

I Love This Glitter Polish Blue Glitter, H&M Free Your Mind, L'oreal Confettis

I Love This Glitter Polish Blue Glitter, H&M Free Your Mind, L’oreal Confettis

We are down to the last three glitter top coats in my collection! I think this I Love This Glitter Nail Polish in Blue Glitter was once a part of a project to use it up but I never got round to use it up. I have said this before but this polish smells really bad which makes me not want to use it. Also, there is not many ways you can use this and I’ve used them all, so it makes me want to part with the bottle. H&M’s Free Your Mind is a lovely mix of pastel colored glitters. Also, it’s a small bottle which is full of glitters, which in turn means it will be used up quickly (I think) because glitter pieces take up more room than polish does. Last but not least, is L’oreal’s Confettis. At one point I bought a back up of this as well but have since then gotten rid of it due to the fact that it will take some time to use up this bottle. And when I have used up this bottle, I will probably not want to use up another. It is a lovely glitter, don’t get me wrong, but even though you like a polish, doesn’t mean you cannot live without it once it is finished.

So I only got rid of three glitters, but that’s OK. I will take some of these bottles and make a point of using them this year and maybe finishing some of them.

I haven’t decided which category to tackle next but I still have time to think about that because I promised to show all the manicures I did with Mavala’s Velvet next. It should be up tomorrow :)