Project Update: March 2016

Before starting off with the collection posts (and there will be many!) I thought I would give you a quick update on the project. As you might remember, I have been working on Mavala Velvet since about mid February and I have finally finished it!! I will go in more depth on that project in another post but I will say here that it was an interesting experience. It was eye opening to see how many manicures you get from a small 5 ml bottle. I painted my nails 13 times with the polish! And that’s not counting the one time I used it when I first got the polish and the time my friend (who gave me the polish) used it. So at least 15 manicures from this tiny bottle! By the way, I always put on two coats (except that one time I cheated and put on three coats). As promised, I took pictures of each of the manicure even if it didn’t quite work out. The pictures will be on the blog post I will put out after the first post of my collection. Both posts will be up this weekend!

IMG_0486 pieni

I started to use my Glitter Base Coat from Depend this month. I used the base coat six times and in the picture you can see how far down that got me. It will take me a lot more manicures to use up the base coat than the regular polish obviously because you only need one coat of base coat. I really find this base coat handy because removing glitter is a pain in the butt and using this base coat nail polish remover is not needed. However, you may not be able to enjoy you manicure as long as you would want to with this base coat since the polish usually comes off within a day, depending on what you do with your hands. While taking pictures of the glitter polishes I have, I tried to declutter them but could part with only three of them. This means that I will have to start using them up to decrease the amount of them. This handy little base coat will help me do that. So, how many glitter polishes do I have? Read my next post and find out ;)

I continued using Sally Hansen’s nail and cuticle oil this month and got a little further down in the bottle. I have to admit I don’t always remember to apply it even though I should. My cuticles have been pretty dry recently so they definitely need some moisture. But if I continue using the cuticle oil in this pace I should be able to use it up by summer.

So that was all for this update, I told you it was going to be quick :)

Coming up soon… Glitter Nail Polish Collection and The Many Faces of Mavala Velvet. And many more!!

CU soon!

Sneak Peek and Update

Hello! Remember me? Sorry for my silence for the past month! I’ve been concentrating on using up the polish I mentioned in my last post (Mavala’s Velvet) and it’s taking a lot more time than I expected. I’ve been working on the same polish for over a month now and there’s still polish left! It’s unbelievable how many manicures you get from a 5 ml bottle! I did take a two week brake from painting my nails because I went on a holiday abroad and didn’t want to take polishing equipment with me. Also my nails were peeling quite a bit so I think a small break was in order.

In my last post I also promised to show you my collection. I have been trying to come up with the best way to show it to you but have yet to come up with a solution that would satisfy me.  While I’m still thinking about it, I will show a little sneak peek of my collection. This picture was taken in January of this year and there has been some small changes but I think for the most part the collection has stayed the same.

IMG_0282 pieni

I have not bought any new polishes since January but I’m thinking of letting myself buy one polish from a spring collection of either OPI, Essie or Lumene.

That’s all for now!