Project for 2016

Time to pick some polishes to use up next year! I also picked some other nail art related products as well.

In May 2015  I chose some polishes to use up but it turned out that I never reached for some of them and I also didn’t like the fact that I was limited to using only those shades. I was able to use up one polish by painting my nails only with that for two weeks. It was sometimes painful having to paint my nails with the same color over and over again because I’m not used to doing that. At the same time I enjoyed the challenge to come up with new ways to wear the same polish. I managed to use up another bottle, too, but I wasn’t able to use it consistently until it was used up. Not that using only one nail polish consistently is the only way to use up a nail polish, but I feel that if I jump from one polish to another all the time, I won’t ever be able to use up my bottles. I haven’t figured out a solution to my problem yet. Although, I’m starting to feel that there isn’t a problem at all, I’m just making up one.

Anyway, my temporary solution is to try to use up the bottles that have the least amount of polish in them first. This way, it won’t take too long to use them up and it won’t feel like a task to use them. Here’s a picture of the polishes I chose:

IMG_0225 pieni

From left to right: Lumene Tango for Two, Make up Store Asun, Mac Vestral White, Beyu, 397, Depend 5

Only five polishes in all and two of them are glitter top coats. Most of them have less than half of the bottle left, Depend 5 has just a hair more than a half left. Glitter top coats are trickier to use up, though, because there aren’t too many different ways you can use them.

Next, I chose some base and top coats to use up, as well as one thinner. Here they are gathered in a group photo:

IMG_0224 pieni

Seche Vite, Trind Nail repair Matt, Depend Glitter Base Coat, Seche Restore

I used to be in love with Seche Vite as a top coat, it dries the polish so fast! However, I have started to hate the fact that when using Seche, the polish seems to shrink on the nail revealing some bare nail at the tip, making it look like the polish has been worn for days. I have found another favorite top coat, Essie’s Good to Go, although I have yet to try it on top of nail art. I have this bottle of Seche you see in the picture, it’s over have way used up, I also have one back-up of it. The idea is to use up both of them.

Speaking of Seche Vite, when you want to use up a bottle of it, you definitely need Seche Restore to revive it when it starts to get gloopy. If I use up both of my Seche Vites, I won’t be needing this Restore anymore, hence I want to use it up too. Seche Restore can obviously be used as thinner for any nail polish, but as I also own Mavala’s thinner which is newer, I will use up Seche Restore first.

As my first-to-go base coats I chose Trind’s Nail Repair Matt and Depend’s Glitter Base Coat. I can’t usually tell if a base coat is working or not but I do want to use it to prevent staining of the nails. Using Nail Repair Matt, however, I’ve noticed that when the nail polish chips, it chips in large chunks, which I don’t like. The glitter base coat is great when you want to wear glitter nail polish but don’t want to go trough the hassle of taking it off. However, I would like the nail polish to stay on a bit longer than a day at most. Also I think that I can live perfectly happy without this base coat, so I will use it up. (Did you notice the teeth marks on the cap of this polish? Ha ha! I had some trouble opening the cap the first time I wanted to use the base coat.)

Lastly, I will show some other nail related stuff I chose to use up:

IMG_0228 pieniI have one packaging left of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips and it’s in Tattoo Much. I usually wear these on holiday so that the manicure isn’t ruined on the first day at work. Also from Sally Hansen I have their Cuticle Oil which I’ve had for a long time. There’s less than half of the bottle left so I think it will be possible for me to use it up in the first half of the year. I also picked out some caviar beads to use, no idea which brand these are from. I probably won’t be able to use up all of the colors, but since the blue one is almost half gone already, I might try and use that up first.

So, those were the products I chose, let’s see if I can actually make some progress on them this time! At the end of January would probably be a good time for the first update on the project. Before that I will possibly put some pictures here to show what manicures I have done with these polishes. Other ideas for posts are also welcome!

Until next time!!

2015 Statistics

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, I guess I didn’t know what to write. I did some major de-cluttering again in the summer, but I thought it would have been too repetitive to list all the polishes here, since my reasons for de-cluttering were either that I don’t like the polish anymore, I have too many similar shades already or I just haven’t used it for a long time.

Now that the year draws to an end I’d like to list some statistics for you. I counted all the polishes I now own, every polish I bought and all the bottles I de-cluttered this year. I don’t know if I’ve said this in the past but I now think that it would be ideal to be able to use every single polish in my collection at least once a year. This is why I have also kept track of the polishes I used this year.

At the beginning of the year I had 197 bottles of nail polish. Excessive, I know! I went through my nail polishes several times this year and I ended up recycling, donating (to friends), selling or using up 126 bottles. For instance I ended up de-stashing all of the crackle polishes I had left because I was all over the trend. Some of the polishes that have a thin brush also had to go because they don’t get much use.

Unfortunately, I bought 34 polishes this year, which means I now own 123 bottles of nail polish. To think that I would own less than a hundred nail polishes if I hadn’t bought that many! Of these 123 bottles 30 are ones that cannot be used on their own, i.e. glitters, Konads and polishes that have a thin brush. I know I’m cheating myself here but I think 93 polishes sounds a lot better than 123. So, I still have a lot of polishes but I think that reaching my goal of 100 polishes by the end of 2016 is reachable.

The next number I’m going to tell you is still subject to change since we still have some days left of this year, but in 2015 I used 104 different nail polishes. This gives me a guideline when I think about the ideal number of polishes in my collection. I have to remember, though, that at the beginning of the year I still had on fake nails which allowed me to change my nail polish more often than if I had had natural nails. Since having the fake nails removed, I have changed my nail polish less often and let my nails “breathe” in between polishes, during which I would moisturize my nails as often as I remember.

There were still 56 nail polishes that weren’t used at all this year. These include some of my favorite nail polishes, which means that I have so many nail polishes that I don’t have time to wear them all, even if they are my favorites. Another good reason to minimize my collection!

I managed to use up three colored polishes this year, they were Miss Selene 226, Depend 294 and Isadora Vintage Mint. The two first mentioned polishes were almost full when I started to use them up, I think I had used both of them once. Vintage Mint, however, was almost empty already, so I don’t consider finishing it a great achievement. I also used up three base coats which makes me happy. (The Sally Hansen polish is actually just clear nail polish, but I used it as a base coat; I bought it back when I didn’t have a million and one base coats.) I still have four base coats to go through, before I can buy a new one, but I have a feeling that I will be able to use up most of them next year. In addition I emptied one bottle of nail polish thinner, which I had started to use before the beginning of the year. Here are all of my empty bottles gathered in a group photo :)

IMG_0213 pieni

I also managed to use up six sticker sheets this year. I don’t think they were all full when I started, but it’s still an achievement. I now have 17 sticker sheets left.

IMG_0223 pieni

I also used three of my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips this year. It’s possible that I bought some of these this year, I don’t remember. I now have one package left. Here are two pictures of me wearing the Strips and a picture of one box because for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of me wearing Sweet Tart-an.

IMG_0222 pieni


WP_20150629_002 pieniWP_20151002_002 pieni

I think this is all I wanted to update you on this time. The next post will be about my nail polish related goals for next year!